Your Thinking Brain versus Your Breathing Brain

by | May 15, 2018

Much to everyone’s common knowledge, there two sides to your brain, the left side and the right side. What side of brain you use the most determines how logical or creative you are. Most people can relate to this by asking themselves how creative and artsy they are. While this may be common knowledge, there are also two other sides to our brain, the Thinking Brain and the Breathing Brain.





The first is the Breathing Brain has been a part of us since humans came into existence. It is considered the most primal part of our thinking process and is responsible for the survival of our species. It is the oldest and most powerful coping mechanism.

This Breathing Brain is responsible for our instincts and keeping us alive. Essentially it is the fight or flight intuition that is responsible for our survival in tricky situations where we are in some type of real danger. To put it a little more straight forward, our Breathing Brain is responsible for us breathing. All of us don’t actually think or remind ourselves to think every second of everyday and I bet not one of us thought about it until just now when I mentioned it.




The second is the Thinking Brain which was developed to help us when more complex societal situations and basically help us deal with the overwhelming amount of information and decisions that we encounter on a second by second basis these days. This Thinking Brain is responsible for processing all of the noise and thoughts that we juggle on a day to day basis. It is considered the rational conscious part of our brain and can process on average around 70,000 thoughts in a single day and 7,000 to 50,000 of those thoughts are marketing messages. We really REALLY do have an unimaginable amount of information not only at our fingertips but constantly being projected at us all the time. It would be complete overload for our minds to comprehend all of the information, and to be honest, most of this information isn’t relevant to us and is wasted brain power.




One example of these two brains is choosing what we eat every day. In a survival situation, our Breathing Brain knows we have to eat and, in the end, it really doesn’t care what that is as long as it gives us nourishment and allows us to survive until out next meal. Our Thinking Brain would want to make a decision of what to eat, pizza, burgers, steak? In the end the Thinking Brain Knows we need to eat but it would rather have an opinion in that decision!


The point is to understand that we all have two types of brains and one will make split decisions about survival and the other will weed through the many messages we receive and make a decision based on rationality and self-interest.



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