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by | May 15, 2018

To understand your customers all you have to do is to be able to understand it as a customer yourself. Regardless of our understanding and expertise on a certain topic we should be able to explain it in language that everyone can understand! Talking about new ideas and products is easiest when we all know what we’re talking about and that is what the Speak-easy Effect is all about!




The ability to speak about anything in the easiest way possible allows customers to feel confidence is both what you’re saying and the products you are promoting. Not being able to understand certain terminology can be frustrating and can often turn people away from learning more. When we can understand what we’re reading with ease it becomes familiar to us.


For example, when reading the ingredients that are in some of the food we consume, much of those ingredients are not only hard to understand but also hard to pronounce. It makes the average consumer uncomfortable and feel less safe because we do not understand what those ingredients are. We’ve all been there, standing in the grocery store and thinking to ourselves, what the heck is “Ferric Sodium Pyrophosphate?”




The words people use can be very misleading and sometimes intimidating which can make us all feel as though we aren’t informed about something and is beyond our comprehension or just that it is meant to confuse us. Sometimes I feel as though people have different messages that they are trying to express and either don’t want to put it in simpler terms or don’t know how to.


This is better described by study done by Song and Schwarz in 2007 where “In one study on this effect, participants were more likely to rate food additives as being harmful when their names were difficult to say, as compared to when their names we easy to say. If it’s difficult to pronounce, It Must Be Risky.”


The point of the examples above is to keep messages, explanations, pronunciation of words, names of companies and all other content easy to read and understand. Not being able to pronounce or understand these things can give people a negative outlook on those companies and in today’s society with so many choices, the last thing companies need it to be looked over because their initial contact with customers is confusing and difficult to process. Company names are usually the first point of contact with potential customers and not having a simple name that rolls off the tongue can cause a bad first impression. This coupled with hard to read content that is unfamiliar can turn people off from your brand.


And this is where I will insert a little bit help for those of you that would like to see how complex or confusing wording can impact the readability of your content!!! The link below is to a most helpful website where you can insert massages and phrases that you are considering in your content and branding.

The Writer can tell you within seconds if your words are too complicated and you need to go to Harvard to understand them or if they’re just right! I would highly recommend playing around with this tool and watch how the scores shift to be the right message to lead to engagement and action.


In the end, what is most important is to reach our customers and have them feel engaged in the material and fully understand what we’re talking about without all of the complicated language. After all, we are all consumers in one aspect or another and it is important to speak to one another with a basic understanding, so we are all able to be heard!


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