Why Communication Science

Putting Science to
Work for You

Human data science, neuroscience, and behavioral science are conducting groundbreaking research that is producing new and evolving data about the human mind, and how we can (and should) adapt our communication to improve nearly every metric in an organization. Significantly.



Amount of unique website visitors non-consciously told they should NOT become Transamerica customers before an 11th OCTAVE behavioral message audit.


Increase in YES

A single word and language shift measured to increase “yes” answers a full third, and total approval responses to 94%, as proven by Harvard.


Increase in Sales

Over three months with Use of Haptics and Engaging the “Play Center” of the Brain in the Communication of Technical Information.

Our Hard-Wired Preferences

As humans, we all have preference in our mind that govern our decision-making process. But we are often not even aware of what is going on in our “Breathing Brain” that holds most of the controls to what we do or say.


Average # of Messages We See & Hear Daily


# of Messages we are Able to Hold in Our Minds at Once


Average # of Thoughts We Process Daily


% of Us Using our “Coping Brain” to Manage the Noise of Modern Life

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