What Motivates People to Click?

by | May 15, 2018

The question of what motivates people to click on certain links or not click on them can come down to many different factors and these factors can be difficult to measure. The motivations of people are hard to nail down because we are all individuals with our own tastes and our own preferences, but..there is one way to increase how many times someone clicks on a sight and stays there for longer than a few second.


The Law of Scarcity has been a tried and true tactic in developing interest in something from basically out of nowhere. Scarcity comes down to some having something of value and others not being able to get those things. It reminds me of when we were children and other kids had somethings and we didn’t necessarily want it until we couldn’t have it.




The Law of Scarcity is one of the most primal laws in our society. We always want what we can’t have, and this can be used to our advantage when it comes to marketing products or events. This law is basically a simple supply and demand equation that brings about feelings of need and want. In reality, if something is scarce then it may not be available by the time you make your decision as to whether you want something or not because it most likely with be gone. As items become more scarce it means there is less of it which will trigger the demand for that item to go up as well as in some cases, the price. Soo the more scarce an item is, the more valuable it becomes.


A perfect example of this was the BMW Championship where Volume PR played an important role in not only reaching targeted ticket sales but greatly surpassing them! This was done by only having a certain number tickets available for a certain amount of time. This increased interest in the event and also helped increase sales because the public didn’t know how long certain tickets would be available and if they were going to lose out on their tickets by waiting.



Taking this type of action to get people involved is always a good way to increase the scarcity in a product and help engage the Breathing Brain which is mostly responsible for making these immediate decisions. Think of it as impulse buying. Something you didn’t really know you wanted is now on sale for a limited time, so what do you do? Of course, you buy it because you don’t want to lose out on your opportunity to have something that other people won’t.


One of our other favorite examples has to do with infomercials on our television. Infomercials used to state that “operators were standing by to take our calls”. Well, this phrase did not drive a lot of traffic to the phone lines because people believed that there was an unlimited supply and there was no rush to call and order. Most often than not people would put off that phone call because there was not rush and end up forgetting to call altogether. This meant that the tag line they were using was not only doing nothing but may be having a negative impact on the numbers of phone calls.

The infomercial companies realized their mistake eventually and decided to create a new tag line that would get people’s attention by mentioning the scarcity that is involved. Their new tag line was to “call back if phone lines were busy”. This created a situation where people felt that there was not enough supply to go around because their calls were not immediately answered. This triggered their need to get ahold of whatever was being sold as soon as possible because they may run out of supplies.


In the end, getting people to not only visit your site but also spend a significant amount of time on it can boil down to a few factors about human nature. With one of those being the Law of Scarcity to help people take action!

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