Recent Example of a Brilliant PR Recovery- KFC

by | May 15, 2018

One of the recent stories that resonated very well with audiences was the story about KFC running out of chicken in the UK. The back story to this is that KFC had started working with new chicken distributors and there had been a mishap in the supply to the stores. Well, immediately KFC had a situation on their hands where they had to figure out how to solve what was essentially a PR nightmare is the best way possible.


This began as a PR nightmare and ended as a lesson in Crisis Management and a teaching moment for Emotive Marketing. The theory behind Emotive Marketing is that pictures can play a much larger role in marketing campaigns than many people realize. As the saying goes “A picture says a thousand words” and this is as true today as it was years ago when this saying was first heard.


So back to the crisis, one of the largest food chains that specializes in chicken dishes must now explain why they were out of chicken… How do you manage a crisis about a chicken restaurant being out of chicken???




No, the answer is not eating all of the chicken you can find, well maybe for the consumer, but not for KFC. Their solution to this crisis was much more ingenious that we could ever have expected and the brilliance of poking fun at their mistake had them going viral all over the internet and social media sites.


They were able to joke at themselves for something that was a mix up and create an endearing a funny message to go along with it! This was very effective because they didn’t make excuses for themselves or for the supplier, it was light hearted and funny, and gave people a sense that KFC actually cared about this gigantic mess up and were trying to own up to the mistakes without a lengthy drawn our explanation that would have bored people more than anything.




When dealing with any type of Crisis Management it is important to be real with you audience, not make a bunch of excuses, and apologize for any mishaps in hopefully a humorous light. For more information on Crisis Management please feel free to contact Elizabeth Edwards at 11th Octave

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